Become today a Veronica’s Insurance Branch, a company with more than 25 years in the Hispanic Market.


The V Group has more than 25 years in the Insurance Market with millions of customers, a solid company.


During the years, we’ve developed amazing agreements with the Carriers, this gives us the opportunity to automatically approve your appointment with our carriers.  


Becoming a Veronica’s Franchise will give you the opportunity to earn more money thanks to our exclusive agreements with the Carriers. 

We have insurances for:

Car insurance

Car insurance

Life insurance

Life insurance

Home insurance

Home insurance

Commercial insurance

Commercial insurance

Moto insurance

Moto insurance

Renters insurance

Renters insurance

Boat insurance

Boat insurance

We’re experts in the Hispanic Market

After 25 years selling insurance to Hispanic clients, you can image how much expertise we’ve developed. 

Using the latest technology

Our company is based on technology. Nowadays we’re using AI (artificial intelligent) with our Sales Department or Underwriting. So we can sell and check faster and better.

And our last invention was the “VeroBot” a 24/7 ChatBot in Facebook Messenger to quote in realtime no matter the day or time.


Marketing is in our DNA

At Veronica’s we develop marketing campaigns for every level. 
From Traditional live TV and Magazines, to Social Media, 
Personalized customer experiences or even with ChatBots. 

Why our Insurance franchise is the right choice:

👉 Servicing the fastest growing population base in the country… the Latino population

👉 An established and recognized brand in the industry

👉 Competitive low investment costs and fees

👉 A business that is desired to thrive in any economy

👉 Year-round franchisee support

👉 Year-round customer service call center for your clients

The benefits for our clients

Our clients has amazing benefits


We have special Veronica’s programs with the Carriers, quoting even cheaper than our competitors.  


Our marketing machine selects the best events. From Concerts, to family to give exclusive access to our clients. 



Our clients want to communicate in multiple and different ways. We are ready to attend them 24/7 by phone, sms, messenger, WhatsApp, instagram, or even Apple Business Chat. 

” Confiar en una empresa que tiene tantos años en el mercado, es la mejor decision que he podido tomar. Abrir mi oficina fue de lo mas fácil. “

Julio Ramos


“Veronica’s ha estado todo el tiempo a mi lado, me enseñaron desde el inicio y tengo todo el soporte de ellos por si tengo algun problema. Gracias Veronica.”

Felipe Quesada


Contact us

Now experts in Taxes

Veronica’s Insurance and Toro Taxes have created a joint venture to increase the revenues in both markets: insurance and taxes. 

Veronica’s is a PROUD PARTNER for LAFC

We are so happy to support “al equipo de moda” in Los Angeles l LAFC


Our partners say

“I have worked with Veronica’s Insurance for a while now and I can tell you that I had never known a company that maintained such an incredible closeness to the Latino public.”

José Luis González

Estrella TV

“For us Veronica’s Insurance is not just another client, we consider them strategic partners to reach our largest audiences. We really enjoy working with them.

Xiomara Villalobos


We have more than 90 locations in USA

Frequent questions

Why should I change my business and turn it into a Veronica’s Franchise?

Because Veronica’s is an established company with more than 25 years of experience in the market. You will have support not only internal but external which will give you the scope to grow your business in a safe way and by leaps and bounds. We have a success system and technological support that makes your work easier. We are the leaders in the Hispanic market and you will have a high volume of opportunities in different types of markets such as auto policies, Motorcycle, House, Renter’s boat, Jet skis, ATV (off-road), Truck fleets, Bonds, Commercial Property and Commercial Auto, General Liability and Worker’s Comp.

What fees will I have to pay and how often?

An affordable initial fee and then a monthly royalty fee.

How many offices are currently in business?

90 offices so far.

What is the Franchise Fee? Is financing available?

The Franchise Fee is affordable. Yes, there is financing.

What will happen with my book of business?

By changing to Veronica’s Franchise, we have programs to waive the Franchise Fee. Make an appointment today to go over the information with one of our representatives.

Being part and owner of a franchise, do I have the option of having more than one branch? If so, how much is the price for the other branches?

Yes, your options are limitless. You choose how many locations and the territory. By acquiring several franchises, you are provided with a lower cost.

Do you offer support in recruiting employees?

No, the new owner is responsible for recruiting his own work team but, we do offer management support that fits your needs.

Is the territory to establish my new office restricted or can I open it in the city of my choice?

You decide. You are the owner of your business.

Will I be able to sell commercial policies?

Yes, providing your P&C License.

What do I need to be able to qualify?

Desires to start your new business and be your own boss. Schedule a private appointment with one of our representatives for more information.

Will I have to use the same system to operate or would it be a different one?

Veronica’s has a high-tech system that makes it easier for you to generate new and existing policies more effectively.

Where and in what media will the company be advertised?

Veronica’s has an impact on the market for being strong in its advertising campaigns and the relationship that with years and effort it has built with different television stations, radios, newspapers, magazines, events, concerts, plays, social networks. Please check our Brochure for a broader idea of the various media where we are announced.

Will I have unlimited access to advertising or events within the territory I will be located in?

Yes, you can attend all events within your established territory. Schedule a private appointment with one of our representatives for more information.

Will I still be in charge of my own payroll or will I have support from Payroll?

You will be responsible for your payroll.

Will I have a say in marketing issues as far as strategy is concerned?

Veronica’s has a team of highly experienced professionals in the matter and is constantly developing different advertising campaigns. In Veronica’s we are a united team and we are always willing to listen to new ideas.

How will marketing be divided among all branches?

Our advertising campaigns cover the entire Californian territory, it is a fact that your office(s) will have the opportunity to benefit from them. 

Will I receive appointments through an existing call center?

Yes, Veronica’s has a highly trained and prepared Call Center to be able to make sure to service and direct the client to all our branches. At the same time, you will have support for customer service, and unmatched added value that gives you the opportunity to not only to set high expectations but also your customers will be highly satisfied with the confidence of being able to recommend you in the future.

290 W Orange Show Rd. San Bernardino CA 92408


“All our techniques are yours now”

– Veronica Gallardo
CEO Veronica’s Franchise


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