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Frequently Asked Questions

Veronica’s Insurance is recognized as one of the top hispanic insurance companies as well as one of the largest brokers in California. Veronica’s Insurance is an established company with more than 25 years of experience in the market and is known for their great customer service and loyalty. Veronica’s Insurance has an amazing support team that will guide you step by step in becoming a successful Franchise Owner. You will have support not only internally but externally, which will give you the scope to grow your business in a safe way and by leaps and bounds. Because of the amount of years and experience in the insurance industry, Veronica’s Insurance is able to give you direct access to the best insurance carriers in the market as well as provide exclusive programs so that you can offer your clients the best prices and the most benefits. We have a successful system and technological support that makes your work easier. We are the leaders in the Hispanic market and you will have a high volume of opportunities in different types of markets such as auto policies, Motorcycle, House, Renter’s boat, Jet skis, ATV (off-road), Truck fleets, Bonds, Commercial Property and Commercial Auto, General Liability and Worker’s Comp.

No, the new owner is responsible for recruiting his own work team but, we do offer management support that fits your needs.

Our Onboarding team is able to provide guidance, however the final decision is yours. There must be a minimum of 4 mile distance from any other existing Veronica’s Insurance location in order to be approved.

Yes, providing your P&C License.
Desires to start your new business and be your own boss. Schedule a private appointment with one of our representatives for more information.
Veronica’s has a high-tech system that makes it easier for you to generate new and existing policies more effectively.

Veronica’s has an impact on the market for being strong in its advertising campaigns and the relationship that with years and effort it has built with different television stations, radios, newspapers, magazines, events, concerts, plays, social networks. Please check our Brochure for a broader idea of the various media where we are announced.

Yes, you can attend all events within your established territory. Schedule a private appointment with one of our representatives for more information.

Veronica’s has a team of highly experienced professionals in the matter and is constantly developing different advertising campaigns. In Veronica’s we are a united team and we are always willing to listen to new ideas.

Our advertising campaigns cover the entire Californian territory, it is a fact that your office(s) will have the opportunity to benefit from them.

Yes, Veronica’s has a highly trained and prepared Call Center to be able to make sure to service and direct the client to all our branches. At the same time, you will have support for customer service, and unmatched added value that gives you the opportunity to not only to set high expectations but also your customers will be highly satisfied with the confidence of being able to recommend you in the future.